Jin-Kyoung Huh

drawing with

edding drawing 800/03
ca. 950x182 cm as a whole, 2013

Dedicated to Agnes Martin, who said she "paints with her back to the world." …

Looking for an artistic activity that challenges both material and concentration I am drawn to the repetitive gesture. I draw vertical lines on a sheet of paper, from top to bottom, gradually filling it from left to right. When the piece of paper is covered in lines, I turn to the next sheet and start again from the top left. With every gesture the lines become a shade lighter, create rings, cast shadows and, sheet by sheet, gradually turn from black to grey, then to dirty white, and then become scarcely perceivable as, color field by color field, the pencil breathes out a little more of its ink-black breath. I repeat the process from the other side, starting on the top right of pieces of paper.