Jin-Kyoung Huh

DIC 515

DIC 515
template: color code DIC 515
period: 26 Jul. — 19 Aug. 2009
time: daily 8 p.m.
location: Kunstverein Familien Montez
medium: acrylic painting on canvas
size: 190x85 cm (25 strips sewn together)

An experiment with my perception of an industrially manufactured color template over time. The color template of the type DIC 515 — after which the work is also titled — was mounted on a wall at Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt, in a spot in the exhibition space where unchanging lighting conditions were ensured.

For 25 consecutive days I carried out the same process at 8 p.m.. To start with, I stared at the template for a few seconds to absorb and memorize its color. After a short wait I mixed the same color I had just seen in acrylic paint from memory. I applied this paint to a narrow piece of canvas and stored it away when dry, in order not to be able to compare the outcomes of different days with each other during the making process.

After repeating the process for the set amount of days, the strips were sewn together in chronological order from left to right.